Support the Eradication of Digital illiteracy in Our Communities Now!

                                             @ Join the MITA Movement: A Non-Profit/Non Governmental Organization to Changing Lives | Digitalizing Nations. Via Technology Awareness Programs, Digital Art Concerts, Seminars, ICT Training, IT Carnival, MITA Community Outreach Global Missions, Digital Skills Acquisition for Business Growth,Internship, IT Merit Awards, Digital Camping, Career Development and Job Creation, DigitalWill TV and Financial/Equipment Empowerment for Startups. Our Mission is Raising 5 Million IT Compliant Persons by 2025 We are Committed in Raising Digital: Doctors,Lawyers,Nurses,Engineers,Pastors,Imams,Students,Bankers,Musicians,Entertainers, Actors/Actresses,Businessmen,Housewives,Sportsmen/Women,Pilots,Architects,Surveyors,Politicians,Traders etc Whatsoever Profession you find yourself,your Specially Welcome to MITA||The Digital Family,Fulfilling God's Digital-will for Mankind In Achieving the Following MITA; Mandate:Raising 5 Million IT Compliant Persons by 2025 Vision:Unifying to Learn and Empower Mission:Promoting Sustainable Global Information Technology We Accept Voluntary Donations of Financial Cash,Cheque/Check,Household Items, Computers Desktops/Laptops,Mobile Devices,Accessories and Electronics etc for the Sole Purpose of Supporting the Eradication of Digital illiteracy in our Communities(Africa,Europe,Asia and America) Note:All Payments and Items should be in Favor of (IT Alumni) Zenith Bank Nigeria DetailsAccount NameIT Alumni |Account Number1014408073 Make Your Meaningful Contributions! DONATE NOW ! Call/Whats App : | Nigeria: +234-802-923-9826 | USA: +1-702-752-4008 |  Email Nigeria:| | USA:| | For Individual/Coperate and Government etc Partnership! BECOME A PARTNER? IT ALUMNI PARTNERSHIP FORM 1 IT ALUMNI PARTNERSHIP FORM 2 Kindly Download the Partnership Form, fill and send to the following Email: for Processing MITA:One Vision|Connecting Networks